Mardjan Seighali is the new chairperson of the MAR

Last update: 4 June 2024

As of April 3, 2024, Mardjan Seighali will be the new chairperson of the IND's Social Advisory Council (MAR). She will succeed Corinne Dettmeijer. The MAR is the independent advisory council of the IND; it views the work from different perspectives.

Mardjan is looking forward to being of significance to the IND in her new role. 'I feel involved in migration themes and I have come to understand how some migrants look at implementation organizations. I am committed to equal opportunities for people and I am interested in organizations that concern the fate of people.' 


She came into contact with the IND when she was organizing a webinar about human contact, diversity and inclusion. Since then, she has continued to discuss difficult dilemmas. 'I understand how complicated the work is in a complex political environment. At one point, the IND asked me to become the chairperson of MAR. This is a role where I can be of significance. That was the decisive factor for me.'

Advice that matters 

The MAR views the work of the IND as an independent advisory council from different perspectives. Mardjan: 'IND employees face complicated dilemmas. The MAR helps them and advises the IND, solicited and unsolicited. In my role as a chairperson, I will ensure that we do this with an eye for nuance. It's a big responsibility. I am aware of that, everywhere and at all times. Wherever I am, I keep my ears and eyes open. This way, the MAR can provide advice that matters and that the IND can actually work with.'

Holding up a mirror to the IND 

The IND believes it is important to be in contact with the society. MAR members can contribute to this through their diverse work experiences. Mardjan: 'We are involved in migration themes, but we are not employed by the IND. This allows us to hold a mirror up to the IND from an appropriate distance and provide independent, well-considered advice on the implementation of the immigration policy.' Mardjan is looking forward to her first request for advice from the IND. 'In my new role I will do everything I can to make the MAR an indispensable advisory council that offers valuable insights and added value for the IND.'
More information about the MAR and its new chairperson Mardjan Seighali can be found on the page ‘About us’.