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Last update: 10 November 2020

​Your opinion is essential to us. Your opinion and feedback help us to improve our services and  website to make it more accessible continuously.  

What do I do as a member of the panel?

As a member of the panel, you make your voice heard. Periodically you will receive small surveys or assignments hat do not exceed 30 minutes. We use the results to improve our services. Next, we will inform you about the results and the actions we have taken in response to that.

How does the IND Client Panel work?

  • As a member of the panel, a couple of times a year, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to participate on-line.
  • All your answers will be processed anonymously.
  • You are always free to participate in our surveys or assignments; there is no obligation!
  • Your data will be processed carefully in accordance with the applicable privacy rules.

Do you have questions about the IND Client Panel?

Do you have questions about how we conduct these client surveys? Mail to Questions about files or personal procedures will not be dealt with and will be immediately deleted for privacy reasons. The participation in the client panel is entirely separate from the (legal) procedures of the IND. It does not, in any way, affect the course of your application.

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Join our IND Client Panel and give your opinion on our website. You can sign up via the IND Client Panel form.