IND switching to Secure Email instead of faxing

Last update: 8 August 2023

In the future, solicitors no longer have to fax the IND. In the course of next year, they can email their clients’ documents securely.

Faxing issues in recent weeks have caused a lot of annoyance among solicitors because they are unable to submit documents, or cannot submit them on time. This is also difficult for the IND because it delays processing applications. The issues arose because a supplier had installed a wrong upgrade. Fortunately, this has now been resolved. The IND regrets the situation and is currently working hard on a sustainable solution.

Secure Email

We have chosen Secure Email with Zivver for the future. This is an electronic alternative for faxing, which can be used to share confidential information encrypted and securely via email. District courts also use this system, so that many solicitors are already using it. Secure Email also has the same legal status as fax traffic currently has. However, time is needed to make this transition smoothly and properly, and to prevent new issues.

Interim solution

Hence, it is expected that solicitors may still be inconvenienced by the faxing issues. Sometimes this can be resolved by replacing outdated faxing equipment, submitting documents by post or – in case of urgency – emailing them to a specific mailbox. Where possible, we try to help solicitors with solutions, together with our suppliers.


In the coming period, the IND will keep the Netherlands Bar well informed about any issues. Interim solutions will also be shared with the Bar, so that solicitors know what to do until the transition to Secure Email has been completed.