IND provides services from four desks and takes its services ‘on the road’

Last update: 7 February 2022

Soon services from the IND desks will change. We wish to be more attuned to the applicant's needs and work more efficiently. Therefore, changes are being made at the locations where people collect a residence document or have biometric data taken, amongst other things. The services of IND desks in Utrecht and Rotterdam will be moved to other IND locations. The IND will issue residence documents at those places where many people need them, such as universities, ex-pat centres, and municipalities. The four remaining locations will offer more customisation. 

​Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Den Haag, and Zwolle

In the course of this year, the IND will only have four more regular desks where applicants can get help: Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Den Haag, and Zwolle. These counters are spread throughout the country, making the travelling time manageable.

With effect from 1 April 2022, the IND desk in Utrecht will close, and the Rotterdam desk will close from 25 May 2022. The services provided by the said desks will gradually change over the next few months. The online appointment planner shows until when appointments can be made at these locations.

Biometric data

Locations will be added to collect biometric data, such as fingerprints. For this purpose, applicants can now also go to a number of ex-pat centres. An overview of the locations can be found on

Issuing residence permits in the neighbourhood

Some groups of applicants live in the same neighbourhood, for example, students or ex-pats. Consequently, it is more practical to hand over residence documents locally rather than having people come to one of the four IND desks individually. In the period ahead, the IND will attempt to issue documents close to the applicants more often.

Recently, for example, we did so at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. There, about 150 international students received their residence permits. Before long, IND employees will again issue documents at the town halls in Goes and Terneuzen.


The IND opened its first customisation desk in Amsterdam. Here people can get help who need more support in their process with the IND, for example, because of functional illiteracy, reduced digital skills, or a mental illness. Positive experiences made us decide to also provide more customised services at the other three IND desks in the coming year.

More online

People are also increasingly able to find the IND digitally, for example, through social media, chat, or via