IND launches lawyer portal for asylum cases

Last update: 28 June 2022


Seeing the status of an asylum case in a quick glance, uploading documents easily and exchanging data safely: it has all been possible since the asylum lawyer portal was launched yesterday. The portal was developed in close cooperation with lawyers to take into consideration users’ wishes as best as possible.


Through this portal, the IND wants to take an important step in improving services to lawyers. Lawyers can log in on the portal with their lawyer’s cards. In the portal, they can not only view the current status of each application, but also inspect the file and upload documents in a safe way.

Connection to the portal

The lawyer portal is accessible for asylum lawyers who are members of the The Netherlands Bar (in Dutch: Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten or NOVA). All members of the Bar will receive an email to participate voluntarily in the portal. To make the transition run smoothly, lawyers receive focussed and phased invitations for this.

Continuous development

In the meanwhile, the IND is working hard to continue to develop the portal, so that an increasing number of user requirements can be met. For example, the addition of different types of applications is being worked on, such as the Dublin procedure. In addition, updating the files is of top priority. The portal will remain accessible to lawyers while it is under development.