IND is looking for hundreds of new staff members

Last update: 16 June 2022

In the first half year of 2022 alone, the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) was looking for over 500 new staff members. This is necessary to keep making careful and timely decisions on applications by people from abroad who want to reside or stay in the Netherlands. It concerns filling over 170 different positions, ranging from interview and decision staff for asylum applications, IT professionals, process representatives, post room assistants, communications advisers and desk staff. The task for the second half of the year has not been established yet and depends in part on the fluctuating influx of applications. 

Since the beginning of this year, IT staff, process representatives and interview and decision staff are permanently being recruited. This is a considerable challenge – especially considering the current labour market and the specific properties we ask for. But it is an important one, according to director general Rhodia Maas: ‘As IND, we are in charge of an incredibly relevant social task: deciding carefully and on time. Only with enough and competent staff, can we handle this task. For this, staff are our most important capital.’

Wonderful work

Moreover, it is wonderful work, according to Maas: ‘You can really make a difference at the IND, but it also requires something from you.’ A decision on an application has a big impact on a human life, whether it is a student, an asylum seeker or someone who wants be naturalised. Our work has meaning. It is wonderful to be able to contribute to that.’

Recruitment and training

In the first half year of 2022, around 300 new staff members were engaged and soon around 80 new staff members will complete the application process. A large portion of them is now being trained to be able to get to work as soon as possible. Because the IND’s work requires great care, some training programmes will last around a year. This means that it is difficult to deploy new people immediately in case of an increase in the number of applications. In the recently published Performance Update, the IND wrote that it is a challenge to retain staff who have been trained. And it asks policy makers not to cut the IND’s budgets immediately when there are less applications.

Working for people and society

All across the country, the IND is looking for people who are reliable, professional, and just, especially because we play such an important roll in the lives of many people. It is also evident that an important value of our new staff members is putting people at the centre. We are looking for people with their heart in the right place who enjoy contributing to our social task through their work. In short, people who can come and make a difference. 

The IND provides varied work in a complex environment in which you can make a difference for people and see the effect of developments in the world immediately.

A peak behind the curtain

Every now and then, people who want to work for the IND can take a peek behind the curtain. For example, there was a meet & greet in Ter Apel recently, where over 50 people got to know our work. The IND employed 15 of them. On Saturday 18 June, interested people can have a look at the desks in Amsterdam, Zwolle and Den Bosch. There, experienced staff members will tell about their work and you can get a taste of the customer-oriented work at the desk.