IND informs third-country nationals from Ukraine about termination of temporary protection

Last update: 29 January 2024

Non-Ukrainians with a temporary Ukrainian residence permit (third-country nationals) will receive a letter from the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). In this letter the IND informs the third-country nationals about the consequences of stopping temporary protection for this group after 4 March 2024.

The IND will send three different letters to three different groups. These letters include more information about appeal and other court proceedings, reception, assistance with return and the residence document. 

The largest group will receive a return decision

The largest group of third-country nationals have no other permit to reside in the Netherlands, nor do they have an asylum or regular residence permit process in progress. The letter they will receive tells them, among other things, that the TPD will end for them on 4 March 2024. Until that time they can make use of assistance with leaving the Netherlands by the Repatriation and Departure Service (DT&V). After 4 March they will no longer be allowed to work and they will have a time of 28 days to depart. This means that they will be allowed to stay in the municipal reception centre up to and including 1 April. 

The IND will also inform these third-country nationals that the former return decision dated 4 September 2023 will be withdrawn. Anyone who has appealed against this will have their legal costs reimbursed. They will receive a new return decision before 4 March. 

Going through the asylum process

Third-country nationals with a current asylum process will not receive a return decision. They are allowed to wait for the decision on their asylum application in the Netherlands. The IND will inform them next week that the Service will continue processing their asylum applications after 4 March 2024. They are allowed to work under the normal requirements belonging to an asylum process. 

Regular residence

A small number of third-country nationals have a different right of residency, for example a regular residence permit. At the beginning of February they will receive a letter from the IND about the consequences of the termination. They will be allowed to reside in the Netherlands under the conditions of their permit, as long as it is valid. 

Residence documents

The residence pass (Type O) of all third country nationals for whom the TPD will end will no longer be valid after 4 March 2024. Anyone who has applied and still does not have a Foreign Nationals Identity Document (Type W) can pick this up at an IND desk. They can also surrender their old Type O passes there.