IND annual report available: looking back on 2022

Last update: 4 August 2023

2022 was a year of great challenges for the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). Because of the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, many Ukrainians suddenly sought refuge in the Netherlands. In addition, there was also an increase in the number of asylum applications. Despite all our efforts, this resulted in longer waiting times for our applicants. The annual report contains the most important statistics and developments of the past year.

Justified and careful decisions with awareness of the human dimension: that is the core task of the IND. The annual report describes how we worked on this in 2022. For example, 33,000 applications by highly skilled migrants were processed, 21,000 permits were issued to students and 68,000 stickers were provided to displaced Ukrainians. 

Growth and innovation

In 2022, Rhodia Maas started working as the first general director of the IND. Under her leadership, further efforts were made to expand and innovate the IND. Maas, when taking up her position: ‘As a general director, I am better able to bring attention to the voice of the implementation.’ For example, the first Performance Update (only available in Dutch) was published, in which the IND outlined bottlenecks in the implementation. In addition, a new labour market campaign was mounted and a digital solicitor portal was put into service. The IND took steps towards more open communication, both internally and with the outside world.

Read the full annual report here (only available in Dutch).