IND Annual Report 2021 published

Last update: 2 June 2022

The coronavirus and its consequences for the IND, a high asylum influx and a peak in the processing of naturalisation requests: these are the most important themes of the IND’s annual report for 2021 (in Dutch), published today. The annual report is a public document published and visible to everyone on our website.

The annual report not only contains an overview of all data related to the past year, it also includes interviews with several IND staff on important topics for 2021. Since the annual report covers all the IND’s work areas, it also looks extensively at all aspects of asylum. The report examines the Customised Desk pilot, where practical services are provided to applicants who are not digitally skilled, or who for others reasons cannot manage matters themselves. The push to catch up in the field of naturalisation, Brexit and numerous other topics are also considered.

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