Different application process for Ukrainian refugees: collect residence sticker within 4 weeks

Last update: 14 June 2024

The application process for refugees from Ukraine who newly arrive in the Netherlands will change as of 17 June. The must have themselves assessed by the IND within four weeks after registration with the municipality for whether they meet the conditions under the Temporary Protection Directive (TPD) and collect their residence sticker at an IND desk. Up to now no specific period applied to this.  

It is important to assess quickly if someone qualifies for residence under the Temporary Protection Directive (TPD). Those having a right to one will receive a residence sticker. This enables Ukrainians to show that they are allowed to be in the Netherlands and they are entitled to temporary protection. This prevents someone from wrongfully keeping a place in the municipal reception centre occupied.  

Letter from municipalities

Refugees from Ukraine will receive a letter from the municipality with information on the new application process. Anyone who does not make an appointment within four weeks will receive a notice stating that the IND is not planning to process the application for TPD further. Then someone will have the possibility to reply to this and still apply. If this is not done within four weeks, the TPD and asylum application will be stopped.
There are also refugees from Ukraine who have stayed for some time in the municipal reception centre without being assessed by the IND and have collected a residence sticker. From 17 June they will be called by a letter stating that they must still do this within four weeks. It also holds for them that otherwise their application for TPD and asylum will not be processed further (first by an intention, afterwards a final decision).

More information about the application process: Handreiking aanmeldprocedure vluchtelingen uit Oekraïne | Brochure | Rijksoverheid.nl (Only in Dutch)