Cooperation for smooth processing of work permits Floriade Expo 2022

Last update: 15 March 2022

A multi-disciplinary project team of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) is making sure that applications for residence and work permits by Floriade Expo 2022 can be processed quickly and smoothly. Many exhibitors and builders are coming to the Netherlands from outside the EU for the international horticultural expo and must apply for a work permit in the Netherlands.

Together with the UWV, the IND is using a temporary scheme of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment to process the applications. This scheme ensures that it can be assessed more easily whether someone is allowed to stay and work in the Netherlands temporarily for jobs in connection with Floriade. By now, the IND has received around 100 applications.  Project team staff carry out other tasks when they are not working on these applications.


To stay longer than 3 months in the Netherlands, you must apply to the IND. This is called an application for a single permit for work and residence (in Dutch Gecombineerde Vergunning voor Verblijf en Arbeid or GVVA). The IND asks the UWV for advice about the labour aspect. The UWV advises whether someone can be admitted to the Dutch labour market temporarily. If someone will stay in the Netherlands less than 3 months, no residence permit is needed. Then, a work permit (in Dutch: tewerkstellingsvergunning or TWV) is often still needed, for which the organisers of Floriade apply to the UWV on behalf of the employer.


Tarja Meijs, IND staff member, explains: 'The special scheme for residence and work permits for Floriade has led to great cooperation with UWV and Floriade. The contact runs smoothly.' 

Wendy de Jong, UWV client communication advisor: 'As UWV, we continuously work on improving our services. Good cooperation with the IND and Floriade for applications for a work permit for Floriade is part of this. This way, we jointly make sure that the application procedure runs quickly and smoothly for the employer. 

Astrid Graat, Visa & Work Permit Project Manager at Floriade: 'In the Expo, international participants show what they have to offer in the field of our theme, 'Growing Green Cities'. Country pavilions present innovations and solutions to the rest of the world. Cooperation between Floriade, the UWV and the IND is of great importance to participating countries from outside the EU. We are delighted with the special teams at the IND and UWV, which are responsible for smooth handling of the procedures. As a result, foreign participants can soon start their work at the seventh Dutch edition of the International Horticultural Expo.' 

Floriade Expo 2022

Every 10 years, an edition of Floriade takes place in the Netherlands. The international horticulture expo lasts half a year. Floriade will start in Almere on 14 April 2022.

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Work permit for less than 3 months: see the UWV website.
Work permit for more than 3 months: see the 

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