Asylum trends in May 2020

Last update: 24 June 2020

​The situation around corona and the measures it entails to prevent further spreading of the coronavirus had an impact on the number of asylum applications and their processing. The total registered asylum influx (the total of first and repeated asylum application and following relatives) was 413. In April the asylum influx was 441.  

First asylum applications
The total number of first asylum applications was 341. In April, it was 270. The top 5 countries of origin of asylum seekers who filed a first asylum application are Syria (106), Turkey (19), Algeria and Morocco (both 17) and unknown (26).

Repeat asylum applications
The number of repeat asylum applications was 21. In April, it was 22. Most of the repeated asylum applications have been submitted by  asylum seekers from Iran (5). The applications from countries that submitted less than 5 repeat asylum applications were from: Afghanistan, Algeria, Cuba, Guinea Iraq, Jordan, Sierra Leone, Syria an stateless.

Asylum family reunification
The number of people arriving for asylum family reunification was 51. In April, this was 149. Most people arriving for asylum family reunification were from Syria (5), Pakistan (12), Eritrea (29), Ethiopia/Iraq/unknown (less than 5).

Unaccompanied minors
The number of asylum applications filed by unaccompanied minors (UAMs) was 24. In April, this was 11. The most UAMs are Syria (12), Morocco (5) and Eritrea (less than 5).