Asylum trends in April 2020

Last update: 4 June 2020

​The total registered asylum influx (the total of first and repeated asylum applications and follow-up travelers) was 445. In March, the total influx of asylum seekers was 1,242.

Corona measures have an impact on the asylum trends in April. International and national measures to limit the further spread of the coronavirus have made it impossible since 15 March to maintain the usual asylum process. New registrations for the asylum procedure are therefore temporarily suspended. Only primary registration of persons who register for asylum takes place.

First asylum applications

The total number of first asylum applications was 273. In March this was 1,022. The top 5 countries from which asylum seekers who submitted an initial asylum application consist of: Syria (69), Iran (26), unknown (23), Yemen (20) and Algeria (17).

Repeated asylum applications

The number of repeated asylum applications was 23. In March this was 93. Most repeated asylum applications were submitted by asylum seekers from Afghanistan (5). The applicants from countries that have submitted fewer than 5 repeated asylum applications came from: Algeria, Gambia, Georgia, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Kosovo, Morocco, Nigeria, Somalia, Syria and Turkey.


The number of dependents entered in April was 149. In March this was 127. The top 5 countries where most dependents came from consist of: Eritrea (56), Syria (55), Yemen (18), stateless (13) and unknown (less than 5 ).

Unaccompanied minor asylum seekers (AMV)

The number of asylum applications submitted by AMV was 11. In March this was 63. No country had submitted more than 5 asylum applications. The applicants from countries that have submitted fewer than 5 asylum applications were from: Syria, Algeria, Morocco, Eritrea, Somalia and unknown.