Asylum influx February 2023

Last update: 10 March 2023

In February 2023, the total influx of asylum seekers (the total number of first and repeat applications and family reunifications) was 2,823. This is a decrease compared to the previous month: in January, it was 3,006. 

Asylum Trends February 2023 Englisch

First asylum applications

The number of first asylum applications was 2,194 in February. This is a decrease compared to January (2,499). The most important countries of origin of asylum seekers who submitted a first asylum application in February are Syria (455), Somalia (157),  Turkey (155), Yemen (152), Algeria (138) and Eritrea (138).

Unaccompanied minors

In February, 240 asylum applications were submitted by unaccompanied minors (in Dutch: Alleenstaande minderjarige vreemdelingen or AMV). This is a decrease compared to the preceding month, when this number was 252.

Most applications were from Eritrea (57), Syria (55) and Somalia (52). This makes the number of applications submitted by unaccompanied minors from Syria lower than the preceding month (89). However, more applications by unaccompanied minors came from Eritrea than in January (30). 

Repeat asylum applications

The number of repeat asylum application has remained almost the same as the preceding month. In February, it concerned 117 applications. This was 116 in January. 

Asylum family reunification

In February, the number of family members arriving for reunification was 512. This is an increase compared to the month of January (391).