30 September last day to apply for Brexit residence permit

Last update: 1 July 2022

British nationals who are staying in the Netherlands and have not applied for a Brexit residence permit yet can do so until 1 October 2022 at the latest. Until this date, it does not matter why the application was submitted too late. From 1 October, the rules will be tightened.

Continuing to live, work or study in the Netherlands: after Brexit, British nationals in the Netherlands had to apply for a special Brexit residence document to do so. When the application deadline expired (this was on 1 October 2021), it turned out that not all British nationals had applied for residency. In response to this, the IND decided to apply a lenient policy for one more year. Applications that were submitted too late were still processed. The end of this lenient policy is now in sight.

No application on 30 September 2022 at the latest means an illegal residence status

Until 1 October at the latest, British nationals in the Netherlands can still apply for their Brexit residence permit. In this case, it does not matter why the application has been submitted too late. If the application is granted, the IND will retroactively give them legal residency in the Netherlands again.

Otherwise, the regular residency rules apply

If the application was not submitted before 1 October, someone can only be eligible by demonstrating why it was not possible to submit the application in time. Is there no demonstrable valid reason for this? Then only one option remains for legal residency in the Netherlands: an application based on the usual national admission policy.

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