Home delivery of residence document

Last update: 2 January 2024

The IND has certain residence documents delivered at home by the Interdepartmental Postal and Courier Service (IPKD). Read more about the home delivery of your residence document.

IPKD: delivery service of the Dutch government

The Interdepartmental Postal and Courier Service (IPKD) is a delivery service of the Dutch government. The IPKD specialises in the delivery of important documents.

Delivery without appointment

The IND will send a letter stating that the IPKD will deliver your residence document to your home within 2 weeks. Unfortunately, we do not know exactly when the IPKD will deliver your residence document. You cannot make an appointment with the IPKD for the first time the IPKD comes round.

Not at home when the IPKD comes round

The courier will leave you a not-at-home notice when you are not at home.

  • Schedule a new delivery time with the IPKD (online).
  • Or you can make an appointment to pick up your residence document at the IPKD location given in the not-at-home notice. You can only pick up your residence document at a IPKD location and not at an IND desk.

Use the order number and the login codes in the notice to make an appointment. The IPKD can only deliver the residence document at your official home address.

Make an appointment with the IPKD

What happens if you do not make an appointment? 

Then the IPKD will come round up to 2 more times. If they could not deliver your document after coming round 3 times, you can only pick up your residence document at an IPKD location. You must do this within one week. After that, the IPKD will send your residence document back to the IND. If this happens, you can contact the IND

Always receive your residence document personally

No one else can receive your residence document for you. Therefore, it is important that you show the following documents to the IPKD courier or employee.

  • Your valid passport or ID.
  • Your (old) residence document, or (old) Foreign national's ID (Vreemdelingen Identiteitsbewijs or VI) (Type W or W2), if you have one. You hand this in to the courier or employee.

Has your residence document or VI been lost or stolen? Then show the police report you received when you reported the loss or theft to the IPKD courier or employee. 

Residence document for child under 18

Children under 18 can only receive their residence document in the presence of a parent or guardian. Children who are 12 years old and up sign their residence document themselves. They also have to show a valid passport or ID.

Residence documents home delivered by the IPKD

Have you applied and paid for the renwal of your residence document for permanent residency? Then there is a chance that we will deliver your newly residence document to your home. Most residence documents are only awarded at an IND desk. For example, residence documents that belong to an application of an entirely new residence permit. Residence documents regarding asylum are also not home-delivered. 

Home delivery residence document only possible after IND letter

You cannot choose whether or not your residence document will be delivered at home. Have you received a letter stating that your residence document is available at an IND desk? Then make an appointment online to pick up your residence document. 

No residence document yet: residency and work rights

Has your residence document expired and have you received a positive decision for renewal of your residence permit? Then you have the rights that come with your residence permit, even if you do not yet have your new residence document. You may live and work in the Netherlands if your residence permit allows for this. 

The rights of your residence permit are given in the letter with the decision on your renewal application. Do you have a sponsor? Then your sponsor has received this letter.

Do you have any questions? 

Have you received a not-at-home notice from the IPKD? If you have any questions about home delivery, check our FAQs about home delivery. Or check the IPDK contact details on the not-at-home notice. For general questions about your residence document, please contact the IND.