Appointment to collect residence document

Last update: 3 November 2023

​On this page you make an appointment at an IND desk to collect your residence document. You can also make an appointment to collect your EU registration card, statelessness document or original document (such as a passport or birth certificate).

Make an appointment when your document is ready

There are 2 ways to get notified where you have to pick up your document: 

  • By post
    The letter states that your document is ready and at which IND desk you have to pick up your document. 
  • Digital in My IND
    My IND states that your document is ready. Choose your place of residence in the loketwijzer to check at which IND desk you have to pick up your document. Do schedule an appointment at another desk than stated in the letter or loketwijzer? Then we will cancel your appointment.


Online appointment


Residents of Zeeland

You can make an appointment in Goes or Terneuzen.

Online appointment Zeeland


​The IND has several locations in the Netherlands. Check directions for all IND desks.


​Residents of Limburg may be able to make an appointment at the Maastricht International Centre.

Cancel appointment

​Are you unable to attend? Cancel your appointment using the link in the email confirming your appointment.
You can only cancel the complete appointment, not just for 1 person.

Rescheduling of appointment not possible

Technically it is impossible to reschedule your appointment. Please cancel the appointment and plan the appointment for another date. 

When not to make an online appointment

Expat Centre Maastricht Region

Did you receive an invitation letter in which it says that your residence permit or registration card is in Maastricht? Then you can make an appointment at the Expat Centre Maastricht Region.

Collect Foreign Nationals Identity Document type W2

Have you received a letter to collect your W2 document? Please call 088 043 04 30 to make an appointment. 

What to bring to the appointment

  • Your valid passport or other travel document.
  • Your appointment code. You will receive this in an email confirmation when you make an appointment online.
  • Your (expired) residence document. Or the official report of loss or theft from the police concerning your residence permit.
  • Your (old) Foreign Nationals Identity Document (type W or W2) if you do not have a residence document. Or the official report of loss or theft from the police concerning your  Foreign Nationals Identity Document. 

What to bring for a child born in the Netherlands

  • Your (the parents) valid passport or residence document.
  • The valid passport or (copy of) birth certificate/proof of registration at the municipality (BRP) of the child.

Collect the document in person

You must collect your document yourself from the IND Desk. Children under 18 years are required to collect their document together with a parent or legal representative.

Paying costs application

Do you still have to pay the application fee? Then you can pay it all at once at the IND desk. You can pay cash or by debit card. It is not possible to pay by credit card.