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Regular provisional residence permit (mvv)

Do you want to stay in the Netherlands for more than 90 days? In most cases, you will need a residence permit. Sometimes, you will first have to apply for a regular provisional residence permit (mvv).

An mvv is a special entrance visa. You apply for the mvv and residence permit by means of the Entrance and Residence procedure (TEV).

Do I have to apply for an mvv?
Your nationality defines whether you have to apply for an mvv or not. Even if you are not living in your country of origin or if you hold a residence permit in another country. For some nationalities and in some situations, an exemption applies and you do not need an mvv.

If you want to apply for an mvv, you need a purpose of stay in the Netherlands. This could be stay with a family member, study or work, to name just a few examples. Each purpose of stay has specific requirements you have to meet. There are also a number of general conditions that apply to everyone, regardless of the purpose of stay.

Do you want to stay in the Netherlands with your spouse or partner, or work as a spiritual counsellor? Then you have to pass the civic integration examination abroad before applying for an mvv. Taking the exam and collecting the mvv (if granted) must be done at a Dutch representation. You collect the mvv from the Dutch representation that has been filled in on the application form, or where you have submitted the application form. This may be a different Dutch representation than where you have taken the civic integration examination.

The website of the Government of the Netherlands has an overview of all Dutch representations that issue mvv's and offer the integration examination.

Usually, it is the sponsor in the Netherlands who applies for the mvv. The sponsor is the person you are going to stay with in the Netherlands or the organisation that arranges your stay (e.g. a school or employer). The sponsor applies for the mvv at the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND).
If you do not have a sponsor, then you yourself can apply for the mvv at the Dutch representation in the country of your nationality or the country of continuous residence.

On the website of the Government of the Netherlands, you will find an overview of all Dutch representations that issue mvv's and offer the integration examination or search a representation near you.

More information
For more information on the conditions and how to apply for an mvv, check the info page of the purpose of stay of your choice.

Dutch representation

​This is the Dutch embassy or consulate.

Country of continuous residence

​A country of continuous residence is a country (other than the country of origin) where you may lawfully live for more than 3 months. This means you have a valid residence permit for that country. Or that you are waiting for your application for a residence permit to be approved.

Are you in a country in your free term? Or with a visa for short stay (maximum of 3 months)? This is not continuous residence.