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Renouncing your current nationality

To become a Dutch citizen, you must be prepared to renounce your nationality. This means that you give up your current nationality.

How do I renounce my nationality?

If none of the exceptions apply to you, you will have to give up your existing nationality. For most countries, you will not be able to give up your original nationality until you already have Dutch citizenship.

Therefore, upon submitting your application for naturalisation you sign a declaration. This declaration states that you are prepared to renounce your existing nationality. After having become a Dutch citizen, you renounce your original nationality. This is called a renunciation procedure. You start this procedure with the authorities of your country of origin. It is often possible to do this at the consulate or embassy of your country in the Netherlands.

When the renunciation procedure has been completed, you will receive an official declaration from the authorities of your country. You send this declaration to the IND. If you do not renounce your current nationality even though you are required to, the IND may revoke your Dutch citizenship.

When do I not have to renounce my nationality?

There are various situations in which you do not have to renounce your nationality. You do not, for example, have to give up your nationality in one of the following situations:

  • You automatically lose your original nationality when becoming a Dutch citizen. Please check here if this applies to your nationality (page only available in Dutch).
  • Your country's legislation does not allow you to give up your nationality (page only available in Dutch).
  • You are married to or are the registered partner of a Dutch citizen.
  • You are a minor, meaning younger than 18 years.
  • You have an asylum residence permit.
  • Upon submitting the application for naturalisation you are living in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. You are also born in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • You are a national of a state that is not recognised by the Netherlands.
  • You will have to pay a large sum of money to the authorities in your country of origin in order to renounce your nationality.
  • You will lose certain rights when giving up your current nationality. You stand to lose a lot of money, for example, because the laws of succession no longer apply to you.
  • You have to fulfil (or buy out) your military service before being able to renounce your nationality.

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