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Delivery of residence document after Brexit

You do not need to make an appointment with an IND desk to collect your residence document. Your residence document will be delivered at home by a courier. On this page, we explain how this works.

When your residence document is ready, the IPKD (Interdepartementale Post- en Koeriersdienst) will deliver your residence document to your home. The IPKD is a government organisation specialised in courier services. 

How will you receive your residence document?

A courier of the IPKD will deliver your residence document. You must receive the residence document personally. For security reasons, you must show a valid proof of identity (your passport or ID-card) to the courier. No-one else can do this for you. 

When will your residence document be delivered?

The IPKD will be delivering residence documents at home until 1 September 2021. We cannot tell when the IPKD will deliver your residence document. You cannot make an appointment in advance.

What if you are not at home?

If you are not at home, the IPKD will leave a notice in your letterbox. This notice contains personal log in codes and contact details from the IPKD. With these details you can make an online appointment at the IPKD for home delivery. Or for collecting your residence document yourself at an IPKD location. It is also possible to make an appointment by phone. You can find the number on the notice you received. If you need to change an appointment that has already been made you can do so in the same way. If you do not make an appointment the IPKD will make 2 more attempts to visit you. If you are still not at home at the 3rd attempt, you can only collect your residence document at an IPKD location within a few days. After that, the IPKD will send your document back to the IND.

If you do not live in a city, how does the IPKD arrange delivery?

The IPKD arranges delivery in a different way if you live in a less densely populated area. Then the IPKD will first send you an e-mail. Or the IPKD will call you. You will be given a log-in code and contact details for the IPKD. You can use these to make an appointment online with the IPKD for delivery at home. On the date of your appointment, the courier will deliver your residence document to you at home.

Please, check our Q&As Brexit with a deal for more information about home delivery of your residence document.