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Statement recognised sponsor labour due to European sanctions

Last update: 25 May 2022

​The IND asks all recognised sponsors labour (employers) to fill in a statement about possible ties with Russian and/or Belarusian companies. Read why we ask this of you and how you fill in the statement.

Statement about ties with companies on sanctions list

The European Union has introduced various sanctions against Russia and Belarus. This may also have effects on companies in the Netherlands that have ties with Russian and/or Belarusian companies. That is why the IND asks all recognised sponsors labour to fill in a one-time statement. In this statement, you declare whether or not your company has ties with Russian and/or Belarusian companies. 

Statement is part of application

The statement is part of the online and written application forms as of 27 May 2022. You do not need to send a separate individual statement to the IND anymore. Have you sent us the statement already? In order to process your application quickly, we ask you to also fill in the statement included in the application form. 

Consequences of sanctions

Is your company affiliated with a Russian or Belarusian parent company on the sanctions list? The IND is still examining the possible consequences of this for the residence permits that you are applying for or have applied for. 

Also read our Q&A on the sanctions and the statement for recognised sponsors (in Dutch only):