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Asylum procedure non-Ukrainians with protection until 4 September 2023

Last update: 9 June 2023

The IND wants to assess asylum applications from non-Ukrainians who stayed in Ukraine with a temporary residence permit. Read what this means for you. 

Asylum applications that the IND wants to assess

Do the following situations apply to you? Then the IND wants to assess your asylum application:

  • You do not have Ukrainian nationality and you are in the Netherlands under the Temporary Protection Directive. When you collected your proof of residency, you also applied for asylum.
  • You had a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, for example for work or study.
  • You have temporary protection in the Netherlands until 4 September 2023.

We started by assessing asylum applications from the following groups:

  • people who come from a safe country of origin
  • people who come from Syria and Yemen

We handle these applications first, because we can usually make a decision quickly. Are you not part of one of these groups? Then we will assess you asylum application after 4 September 2023.

Letter about proceeding with asylum application

The IND will send a letter in which we ask whether you wish to proceed with your asylum application. We advise you to discuss this with the Dutch Council for Refugees (in Dutch: Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland or VWN) or a lawyer. You decide whether the IND should assess your asylum application. You inform us of your choice using the questionnaire enclosed with the letter. Send this questionnaire back to the IND as soon as possible. 

Do you state in the questionnaire that the IND does not have to process your application? Or do you not send the questionnaire back to the IND? Then you will first receive a letter from the IND to which you can respond. Do we not receive a response? Then the IND will not process your asylum application and we will close your asylum application.

Safe country of origin

Between 20 and 24 March 2023, we already sent a letter to everyone we believe to be from a safe country of origin. Your country will then be on the list of countries that are safe according to the Dutch government. If you come from a safe country, there is little chance that you will be granted asylum. An asylum residence permit is only intended for people who are not safe in their country of origin. 

Assessment asylum application 

Do you choose to proceed with your asylum application? Then we invite you for an interview at the IND. This interview is about who you are, where you come from and why you are applying for asylum. You will receive counsel from an independent lawyer during the preparation of your interview. Your lawyer will also discuss the interview with you afterwards. The decision is in a letter. We send this letter to your lawyer. 

Your stay after stopping asylum application or negative decision

Do you receive a negative decision on your asylum application? Or do we close your application without assessing it? You are allowed to stay until 4 September 2023 under the Temporary Protection Directive. After that, you must leave the Netherlands or be entitled to residence in another way. You can then no longer use the rights belonging to the directive, such as the right to work and reception and resources of the municipality. Are you leaving the Netherlands sooner? Then please report this to the municipality where you live. 

Assistance with returning to your country of origin

From 1 June up to and including 31 July 2023, you can apply for support and financial assistance from the Dutch Repatriation & Departure Service (DT&V). You can use this money to return (remigrate) to your country of origin. Or to a country outside the European Union (EU) where you are entitled to long-term residence. You must, however, meet a number of requirements. Read the requirements for the remigration policy and how to apply for assistance from DT&V. Do you not meet the requirements for this policy, but would you still like assistance for leaving the Netherlands? You may be able to get help from the International Organization for Migration (IOM).