Making audio recordings of conversations with IND

You have the right to make audio recordings of your conversation with an IND staff member. This is only allowed for your own use. Find out which conversations you can record, what the rules are and how to request permission.

Rules audio recordings

  1. You will inform the IND in advance that you intend to make audio recordings.
  2. The IND will allow you to make an audio recording, unless there are compelling reasons not to do so. In that case, we will offer an alternative.
  3. You will provide the IND with a copy of the recording if we requests this.
  4. You and the IND do not cut or paste in audio recordings.
  5. You and the IND will not publish audio recordings. Nor will they be given to third parties.

Submitting a request to make an audio recording

Read how you can ask if you can make an audio recording during the following conversations.

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The IND has the right to make an audio recording of the conversation at the same time.

No permission for audio recordings

Do you not get permission to make audio recordings? Then you can ask the staff member for an explanation. If you do not agree with the explanation, you can file a complaint to the IND.

Video recording not allowed

It is never allowed to make video recordings of conversations with an IND employee.