Complaints about the IND

Last update: 28 April 2023

You want to submit a complaint about the IND. Find out how to submit a complaint and how the IND handles your complaint.

Submit complaint

Do you have a complaint because the decision period for your application has passed? Then you can put the IND in default. To do so, use this form (only available in Dutch):


Do you have another complaint? Then you can submit it in 2 ways:


Handling of complaint

These are the steps we take to handle your complaint:

  1. The IND registers your complaint. If your complaint does not belong to the IND, we forward your complaint to the correct organisation. You will receive a letter explaining to which organisation we have forwarded your complaint.

  2. You will get a confirmation of receipt.

  3. The IND will check whether your complaint is complete and what your complaint is about. Do we need more information? Then we will contact you.

  4. You will receive an answer to your complaint within 6 weeks.

Not satisfied with answer to your complaint

Are you not satisfied with the IND’s answer? Then you can do the following: