Social media

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (the IND) is on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. Keep up to date about our work, the latest news regarding laws and regulations and much more.


Follow us on Twitter @IND_NL. On our Twitter page, you will find the latest news and information from the IND. You can ask us general questions on Twitter regarding laws, regulations or processes. The webcare team is online on weekdays from 9.00 to 17.00.


On LinkedIn we post about, among other things, what it is like to work for the IND. Here you can find the latest vacancies and take a look behind the scenes.


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On YouTube you can find videos explaining application processes and how to submit applications. We also provide insights into who we are.

Public information

Social media channels are public. Therefore, they are not suited to the exchange of personal information. So do not provide any personal or financial details in your messages, such as your personal data or case number.