Report fraud, abuse or confidential information

You want to report fraud or abuse. Or you want to pass on other, confidential information to us. Find out how and in which situations you can report this.

Fraud form

To report, you can use the online fraud form. You can do this anonymously if you are not making the report on behalf of an authority.

If you click the button and the online fraud form does not open immediately, click on 'Restart form'. We are working on a solution for this problem.

Make your report

Send attachments

You can upload multiple attachments and send them along with your notification. Attachments must be files in PDF or JPG format. 

Send notification by post

Is it not possible for you to use the online fraud form to make a report? Then send your notification by post to the following address:

Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst
Attn. Handhavingsinformatieknooppunt (HIK)
Postbus 17
9560 AA Ter Apel

Adding additional information

Have you made a report? And would you like to add additional information to this report? Then use the fraud form. Under 'Subject', select 'Additional information for a previous report'. For this, you will need the reference number of your previous report.

When to report to the IND

In the following situations, report fraud, abuse or confidential information to the IND:

  • You want to make a report about a person in the Netherlands.
  • You want to make a report about a person who has yet to come to the Netherlands.
  • You want to make a report about a company in the Netherlands.
  • You want to make a report about a recognised sponsor in the Netherlands.

Is the person or company in another country? If so, contact the government of the country in question.

Examples of fraud and abuse

The following examples represent fraud, abuse or migration-related crime:

  • Having a sham marriage or sham relationship to obtain a residence permit.
  • Using false or falsified documents. For example, a false passport.
  • Finance fraud. For example, having a fake employment contract. Or abuse of the Personal Care Budget (PGB).
  • Labour exploitation, human trafficking or smuggling.

When to report to other organisations

Sometimes you do not have to report to the IND. In the following situations, you must report to another organisation:

Handling of your report

The IND will assess your report as soon as possible. Is your report clear enough? And is there cause for an investigation? Then the IND will investigate.

The outcome of the investigation

Does the investigation reveal abuse or fraud? Then the IND can take action. Such as revoking the residence permit. Or rejecting the application. Does the IND establish a criminal offence, such as fraud or falsification of documents? Then the IND will report this to the Police.

IND does not share information

You will not receive any information about the consequences of your report. The IND may only give information on personal matters to the person whom the case concerns. Or to an authorised representative. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  demands it this way. The GDPR (in Dutch: AVG) is a law regulating privacy in the Netherlands.

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