Report fraud, abuse or confidential information

You want to report fraud or abuse. Or you want to pass on other, confidential information to us. Find out how and in which situations you can report this.

Fraud form

You can use the Fraud form to make a report.

Urgent report

Is your report urgent? Then call us at 088 043 6663.
You can call us on Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 12:00.

Examples of fraud and abuse

Fraud or abuse is involved in these situations.

  • A sham marriage or sham relationship for the purpose of obtaining a residence permit.

  • The use of false or falsified documents. For example a false passport.

  • Fraud with financial means. For example abuse of the Personal Care Budget (PGB) or fake employment contracts. This is a bogus employment contract.

  • Labour exploitation, human trafficking or human smuggling.

When you can make a report to the IND

You can report fraud, abuse or confidential information in these situations.

  • You want to report a person who is already in the Netherlands.

  • You want to report a person who has still to come to the Netherlands.

  • You want to report a company in the Netherlands.

Is the person or company in a different country? Then contact the government of that country.

When to report to other organisations

In these situations, we cannot handle your report. Click on the link according to your situation to report to the right organisation. The links are only available in Dutch.

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