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General conditions

You apply for a residence permit in the Netherlands. There are a number of general conditions that apply to all purposes of stay.

General conditions​

You have to meet the following general conditions:

  • You have a valid passport or another travel document. A child may be included in the passport of one of the parents.
  • You sign an antecedents certificate. The antecedents certificate can be found in the application form. In this certificate you provide information on your criminal record. You state, for example, that you have not committed any crimes. You also state that you have not submitted any incorrect information, nor have you stayed in the Netherlands illegally. The certificate does not need to be filled in by children under the age of 12.
  • After having arrived in the Netherlands, you will undergo a medical test for tuberculosis (TB). You are exempt from having to undergo a TB test in the following situations:
    • You have the nationality of one of the countries listed in the appendix ‘Exemption from the obligation to undergo a tuberculosis (TB) test’
    • You have a valid residence permit in the Netherlands and you apply for a different residence permit.
    • You are born in the Netherlands and have always lived here.
    • You have already undergone a TB test in the Netherlands less than 6 months ago.
    • You have an EU residence permit for long-term resident issued by another EU country or are a family

      member and were already admitted to another EU country as a family member of the long-term resident.

What to do for the TB test

If you have to undergo the TB test, please tick the box in the application form. The application form has 2 appendices:

  1. The appendix 'Declaration of intent to undergo a TB test’. Fill in this appendix. You send the appendix, the application form as well as the other forms required for your application to the IND.
  2. The Appendix 'TB test referral form'. You keep this appendix. Within 3 months* after the residence permit has been granted, you make an appointment with the Area Health Service (GGD) to undergo the TB test. Please take the 'TB test referral form' with you to the appointment. The GGD fills in this form and then sends it to the IND.

*If you wait for more than 3 months to undergo the TB test, you may risk having your residence permit withdrawn.