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Appointment biometrics (passport photo, fingerprints and signature)

Please note! It is currently not possible to make an appointment. For the latest information on the coronavirus and IND services, please visit ind.nl/en/coronavirus.

​Are you a United Kingdom (UK) national, or the family member of a UK national, and you do not have the nationality of an EU or EEA country or Switzerland? Then make a Biometrics Appointment for after Brexit.

Why do you have to make an appointment to provide biometrics?

The IND needs your fingerprints, passport photo and signature in order to be able to make your residence permit and determine your identity. These biometrics will be taken at an IND desk of your choice. For this, you have to schedule an appointment online.

What biometric information does the IND need?

With every application, the IND needs your passport photo and signature. These biometrics will be taken at an IND desk. When visiting the IND desk, it will be determined whether it will also be necessary to collect your fingerprints or not.

Did you submit an application for a child younger than 1 year old? Then have your child's photo taken at a photographer and send it to the IND by using the Appendix photo card. In this case, you do not have to schedule an appointment at an IND desk for your child.

Did you have your biometrics taken at an earlier stage at:

  • the Dutch representation abroad, when taking the civic integration exam or upon collecting/applying for the mvv sticker, or
  • the Police or Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (KMar) during your asylum procedure,

you do not have to schedule an appointment at an IND desk if you apply for a residence permit for the first time. Then the IND already received your biometric information.

When can you schedule an appointment?

After having submitted an application, you (or your sponsor) will receive a letter from the IND (acknowledgement of receipt). In this letter, it says how to have your biometrics taken. Please schedule an appointment online as soon as possible. Without your biometrics, the IND cannot make your residence permit.

What do you need to bring to the appointment?

  • Your valid passport (or other valid travel document).
  • Your appointment code. This code is mentioned in the confirmation e-mail that you receive after having scheduled an appointment online.
  • Your (expired) residence document or foreigner identity card (type W). If your document has been stolen or is lost: a police report of theft/loss.


Providing biometrics is free of charge.

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​The IND has several locations in the Netherlands. Please check contact to find directions to the IND desks.

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​Are you unable to attend?
Cancel your appointment using the link in the email confirming your appointment.