Temporary stop on decisions for Tigray (Ethiopia)

Last update: 12 July 2021

​With effect from 10 July, the IND will not make any decisions for six months on applications from foreign nationals from the Tigray area in Ethiopia or from the Tigrese population group. In the same period, foreign nationals from Tigray or from the Tigrese population group who are already in the Netherlands do not have to leave either. Armed conflict rages in the area.

The decision not to evict and not to issue decisions temporarily is called a departure and decision moratorium. This happens when the situation in a certain country or area is unclear or when the situation for a specific group from that country or area is unclear.

In this case it concerns:

  • foreign nationals who, prior to their departure, had their normal place of residence or abode in the Northern Ethiopian region of Tigray and
  • foreign nationals from the Tigrese population group from other areas in Ethiopia.


The IND assesses whether someone falls under the decision and/or departure moratorium. The IND looks at the asylum seekers from the target group with an on-going procedure and at the people from Ethiopia who have exhausted all legal remedies who are (still) in the Netherlands. The decision period for current asylum applications from the target group can be extended by one year or up to a maximum of 21 months. This also applies to the applications submitted in the next six months.