Rhodia Maas appointed as Director-General of the IND

Last update: 26 November 2021

​With effect from 1 February, Rhodia Maas will be appointed as Director-General of the IND. Friday 26 November, the Council of Ministers agreed to her nomination. By coming to the IND, Mass will return to the work familiar to her in the organisations cooperating in the immigration process.

Rhodia Maas knows the IND well; she previously worked as Director of the Implementation Policy Staff Department. Since November 2016, she has been General Director of the National Office for Identity Data (RvIG) at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK). Before that, her positions included that of General Director of the Repatriation and Departure Service (DT&V) at the Ministry of Security and Justice. Rhodia Maas studied Law at Leiden University (LU).


"I know the IND as an organisation with involved professionals and I am really looking forward to being able to work again at the IND", says Rhodia Maas. "The IND has a major responsibility to implement the admission policy carefully, in a timely manner and with an eye for the person behind the application. The IND does this difficult work under the magnifying glass of politics and the media. It will be a substantial job to work in the coming years on the reliability and responsiveness of the organisation. I trust that we will be able to take big steps in this direction together with all social and other partners involved. I consider it an honour that I may be in charge of this."

Timeliness and quality

The Director-General of the IND is appointed by the Ministry of Justice and Security(JenV). "Rhodia possesses ample experience in implementation and has thorough knowledge of the organisations involved in migration", according to Dick Schoof, Secretary-General of JenV. "She is people-oriented and, in addition, has a good idea of what is needed to allow the organisations to function and allow timeliness and quality to go well together in the interest of both the applicant and society."