Refugees from Ukraine after registration automatically known to the IND

Last update: 18 March 2022

Refugees from Ukraine who register with the municipality are automatically known to the IND. They do not have to do anything now to arrange their residence rights. The IND is still putting in place how these refugees can obtain proof of their right of residence, which may be necessary to use certain facilities in the long term. More information on this will follow.

Registration with the municipality

Refugees from Ukraine who can prove their identity, origin, or lawful residence in Ukraine (e.g., with their passport, birth certificate, or residence papers) can register with the receiving municipality. This will entitle them to certain facilities, such as housing, living expenses, medical care, and education.

Once the identity of a refugee has been established, registration will be effected in the municipality's  Key Register of Persons (BRP). In this way, they are registered in the Central Shared Database With Basic Information On Applicants (BVV) and automatically known to the IND. It is expected that the majority of refugees from Ukraine can be registered in this way.

Refugees without or with limited documents

An additional origin and identification process is set up for foreign nationals who do not have sufficient documents. These refugees do not have to take action yet. Together with other involved agencies, the IND works out where and how this assessment will take place. As soon as there is more news, information will follow on this website.

If nationality and, where necessary, legal residence in Ukraine have been established in the additional assessment, registration in the BRP will follow. Suppose the latter cannot be made plausible. In that case, the refugee can return to the country of origin or apply for asylum. When an asylum application is submitted, reception takes place at a regular COA location.

Currently, the possibilities are being explored to designate a separate location for asylum applications from refugees from Ukraine to allow the IND in Ter Apel to focus on asylum applications from foreign nationals from countries other than Ukraine. As soon as more information becomes available, news follows.

Stay in the free period

Refugees from Ukraine do not have to worry about their right of residence in the Netherlands. If they have a Ukrainian passport, they are allowed to stay in the Netherlands for 180 days anyway. The IND is still putting in place the residence procedure to stay in the Netherlands for a more extended period.