Reassessment children’s pardon started

Last update: 25 March 2022

This week, the IND started the first reassessments of cases under the Final Regulation for Long-term Resident Children (the children’s pardon). The first decision was positive, which means that the family is allowed to stay in the Netherlands.

In a letter to the house of representatives of 14 March this year, Minister Van der Burg (Migration) wrote in response to an adopted motion that in certain situations a children's pardon permit can be granted after all, even if no asylum application was submitted for a child. The IND is now reassessing around 30 files. They concern children who have been staying in the Netherlands for a long period (at least since 29 January 2014) and want a children's pardon residence permit.

Quick and careful

The IND is trying to carry out the reassessments quickly and carefully. When reassessing the files, the IND checks whether someone meets all requirements to obtain a residence permit. But if there are contraindications, for example risks to public order, this can be a reason to reject the application.

The IND carries out a reassessment for all families that are eligible for it. They do not need to apply for this and will receive a letter about the outcome. It is expected that it will still take some time to provide clarity to the entire group.