Local council and IND receive highly skilled migrants at Radboud campus in Nijmegen

Last update: 5 January 2023

From 5 January, international highly skilled migrants, scientific researchers, students, start-ups and investors who live and work in the Nijmegen region can arrange everything for their residency at one desk: the Lifeport Welcome Center (LWC) at the Radboud campus in Nijmegen. During a two-year pilot programme, the LWC, the local council of Nijmegen and the IND make sure that clients can go through all formal steps in one day and on one location. From registration into the Personal Records Database to picking up the residence document.

For the time being, the new IND service point will be open two days a week for a two-year period. Rhodia Maas, IND general director: ‘We are delighted to contribute to this initiative by Nijmegen. We want to professionalise our services by cooperating with local councils and this is a good example. It is nice for the applicants that they can be helped close to home to pick up their residence documents, among other things.’ In addition to international highly-skilled employees, their families and students, other people from abroad can also go to this service point if they want to live and work in this region.

Find out more about the LWC?

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