IND resuming issuance of residence endorsement stickers to refugees from Ukraine

Last update: 6 October 2022

The IND will start issuing residence endorsement stickers to refugees from Ukraine again. The coming weeks, 20,000 refugees can come to one of the three temporary IND locations: Amsterdam (CEC-Amsterdam), Rotterdam (Ahoy) and Assen (reception centre for Ukrainians). Early September, it was decided to pause the issuance temporarily because of a shortage of raw materials for the authenticity feature on the sticker.

Making appointment online 

From today, it is possible to make an appointment in the online appointment tool for the period of 17 until 31 October 2022. A refugee from Ukraine must have been registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) for at least one week to receive a residence endorsement sticker. For refugees from Ukraine who enter the Netherlands from the end of October, a different process is being set up. More information about this will follow later.

Proof of residency

The visa-free period is expiring for an increasing number of Ukrainians. With the sticker, they demonstrate that they are staying legally in the Netherlands because they fall under the European Temporary Protection Directive (TPD). It is not a travel document. The sticker is required to be able to work from 1 November 2022.