IND checks Russian and Belarussian ties with recognised sponsors

Last update: 30 March 2022

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) is going to ask recognised sponsors (companies that have been assessed as reliable partners of the IND) to fill in a statement as to whether they have ties with Russian and/or Belarussian parent companies. 

The measure is the result of the sanctions imposed by the European Union against Russia and Belarus after the invasion of Ukraine. Under the Sanctions Act, it is prohibited to make bank balances or economic resources available to companies or persons who are on a sanctions list. Companies that are not on the sanctions list themselves, but are affiliated with a Russian or Belarussian parent company also come under the sanction.

Additional statement

For a short time in the past few days, no decisions have been taken on employment-related applications, because the consequences of the sanction policy against Russia and  Belarus had to be analysed. All applications are now being assessed again. The IND will soon request a statement to be made on the application forms for employment-related applications as to whether the sponsor is a subsidiary of a parent company in Russia or Belarus that is on a sanctions list. In anticipation of this, the IND will approach recognised sponsors to fill in the statement  - apart from any application for residence - and send it back to the IND. This is to prevent a delay in the decision process.

If it is evident from the statement that the company has ties with a Russian or Belarussian parent company that is on a sanctions list, then it will be assessed what the consequences of this will be for the residence permit. In this context, account will be taken of the individual circumstances of the highly skilled migrant. The recognised sponsor will be informed of this. What the consequences may be for the recognised sponsorship will be examined in more detail.

Send in digital form

The IND hopes that all recognised sponsors will fill in the additional statement as soon as possible and send it to us in digital form to: We register the statement in our systems.

Quick processing of the application

We realise that filling in the statement is an extra action. At the same time, this is necessary to implement the sanctioning policy properly and to continue processing  applications as quickly as possible.

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