IND at the formation table in discussion about implementation

Last update: 2 November 2021

‚ÄčOn behalf of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), Acting Director Annelore Roelofs spoke with informateur Koolmees and the four political parties on Tuesday, 2 November. Together with Roelofs, Milo Schoenmaker, the chairman of the COA board, had been invited to the formation table.

Roelofs thinks it is good that the informateurs have an eye and ear for the work of the implementing organisations. "Only when politics, policy, and implementation team-up will we arrive at workable solutions," she said after the discussion. "It is important that the new government makes doable policies. For society, for the IND, and also for politics itself."


Roelofs brought several issues up at the negotiating table. For example, she made out a case for stable funding of the IND. "If the new government opts for stable funding, we will be able to hire and train people in time and avoid future backlogs," said the Acting Director. She also asked the government to hold back as regards new migration policies - to avoid implementation problems. Looking at Europe is also essential, says Roelofs: "For many migration issues, the solution lies in Brussels. Aim for practicable, European regulations."

Joint task

Roelofs was pleased that she and COA had been invited. "The immigration chain is currently facing many challenges, and the resulting social task is a joint one. Both for the implementing organisations and the future government."