Exemption from document requirement for naturalisation for part of the RANOV group

Last update: 28 April 2021

​Some of the RANOV permit holders who wish to become naturalised as a Dutch citizen, are exempted from the document requirement. State Secretary Broekers-Knol (Justice and Security) has written this in a letter to the Lower House*. The IND will start implementing this policy change, which will take effect on 1 June.

The RANOV permit is intended for foreign nationals who fell under the 2007 general amnesty (the Regulation on Settlement of the Legacy of the Old Aliens Act, RANOV). The IND applies a number of conditions for assessing an application for naturalisation*, which also apply to RANOV permit holders. Some of these permit holders - the group of people who have obtained a RANOV permit as a minor together with their parent (s) or independently, and who have now reached the age of majority - are exempted from the following conditions:

a) submitting a valid foreign passport (or otherwise a proof of current possession of a foreign nationality) and

b) submitting a (foreign) birth certificate / birth registration certificate and

c) only in the case of naturalisation: of the obligation to renounce the original nationality [and to provide a proof hereof].

New policy from June 1

The IND needs some time to adjust the work process for naturalisation. The IND will also consult with municipalities to ensure a smooth transition. The new policy will take effect on June 1.

WODC research

For people who have received a RANOV permit as an adult, the State Secretary awaits the results of a previously announced investigation into the set document requirements for naturalisation. The investigation will be published this summer.

* Only in Dutch