Eindhoven desk to close on 1 October

Last update: 14 September 2020

​In 2019 it was decided to close some of the IND desks. On 1 October, the desk in Eindhoven will close. From this date, clients can visit the desk in Den Bosch.

The IND is focusing on providing better and faster services through its digital channel (IND.nl), which an increasing number of clients are using. For clients who appreciate personal service or need additional assistance, the IND desks in The Hague, Amsterdam, Den Bosch and Zwolle are still available. Our desks in Utrecht and Rotterdam will also close in the future.

For clients in the south of the Netherlands, in addition to the desk in Den Bosch, there is also a service point in Maastricht at the Expat Centre Maastricht Region, and for expats at the Holland Expat Center South in Eindhoven.

For an overview of our desks and expat centres, please visit the contact information on our website.