Due to pressure of work, the IND desks will also be open on Saturdays in January

Last update: 30 December 2021

​Currently, it is very busy at the IND desks. As a result, waiting times for appointments are sometimes considerable. For example, to pick up a residence permit or to have biometrics taken. In furtherance of shorter waiting times, the IND desks will also be open on Saturdays in January.

By opening its doors on Saturdays, the IND wants to make significant ground in the issuing of documents and other tasks performed at the desks. That the IND is processing a peak in the applications is one factor causing the work pressure at the desks. Many people now want to have biometrics taken or pick up their documents at the same time. Another factor is that we abide by the measures against the coronavirus. We do our best to schedule as many appointments as possible, maintaining a distance of 1.5 metres.

Improved accessibility by telephone

IND's telephone accessibility has improved considerably during the past period. In the past year, we received many more calls. As a result, our telephone accessibility worsened, which was noticeable in the autumn. A special action plan to reduce the number of calls on the one hand and to handle more calls on the other works out successfully. We expect our telephone accessibility to be fully back to normal by January.