Asylum trends in June 2020

Last update: 24 July 2020

​The situation concerning corona and the associated measures to limit further spread of the coronavirus had a significant impact in the recent months on the number of asylum applications and their processing. The number of asylum applications is now increasing again.

The total registered asylum influx (the total of first and repeated asylum applications and follow-up travelers) in June was 888. In May, the total influx of asylum seekers was 414.

First asylum applications
The total number of first asylum applications was 653. In May this was 341. The top 5 countries from which asylum seekers submitted an initial asylum application consist of: Syria (187), unknown (66), Algeria (48(23), Morocco (36) and Nigeria (30).

Repeated asylum applications
The number of repeated asylum applications was 177. In May this was 22. The top 5 countries from which asylum seekers submitted a repeated asylum application were Irac (39), Afghanistan (29), Iran (21), Eritrea (12), Morocco en Somalia (7).

The number of dependents entered in June was 58. In May this was 51. The top 5 countries where most dependents came from consist of: Eritrea (34), Syria (12), Turkey (7), followed by Ethiopia, Iran, Yemen and stateless (less than 5 ).

Unaccompanied minor asylum seekers (AMV)
The number of asylum applications submitted by AMV was 39. In May this was 24. The top 3 countries AMV came from consist of Syria (17), Morocco (9) en Eritrea (5), followed by Algeria, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gambia, Iraq and Sudan (less than 5).