Asylum trends in February 2020

Last update: 6 April 2020

​In February the total influx of asylum seekers (the total of first and repeated asylum applications as well as for family reunification) was 2.136. That is a decrease compared to January (2.601).

First asylum applications
The total number of first asylum applications in February was 1.514. That is a decrease compared to January: 1.967. The top 5 asylum seekers who applied for asylum consists of: Syria (317), Turkey (96), Algeria (92), Nigeria (85) and Morocco (75).

Repeated asylum applications
The number of repeated asylum applications in February was 152. That is a decrease compared to the previous month(January: 167). The top 5 countries of origin of asylum seekers who submitted a repeated asylum application consists of: Afghanistan (24), Iran (18), Iraq (16), Nigeria (14) en Eritrea (10).

The number of dependents entered in February (470) has slightly increased compared to January (467). The top 3 most dependents originated from consists of the same countries as in January: Eritrea (198), Syria (165) en Jemen (33), followed by stateless (14), Afghanistan and Turkey (both 9).

Unaccompanied minor asylum seekers (AMV)
The number of asylum applications submitted by unaccompanied minor asylum seekers (AMV) was 76. That is a big drop from January (125). The top 5 countries of origin consists of Syria (28), Morocco (13), Afghanistan (7) Algeria (6) and Iraq (5).