Asylum influx in October 2021

Last update: 18 November 2021

The influx of asylum seekers increased for the tenth consecutive month. In October, the influx of asylum seekers, composed of the total of first and repeated applications for asylum and dependents (joining family members of asylum seekers), was 5,279. In September, the total influx of asylum seekers added up to 5,084. 

First asylum applications
The number of first asylum applications in October added up to 3,887. In September, it added up to 3,956. The top 5 countries of origin of asylum seekers who filed a first asylum application are Syria (1,528), Afghanistan (460), Yemen (430), Iraq (207), and Turkey (205).

Afghanistan Evacuation

The number of 460 above consist almost entirely of applications that were submitted by persons evacuated from Afghanistan. The number of asylum applications submitted by evacuees in the month of October is 413.

Repeated asylum applications

The number of repeated asylum applications in October was 185. In September, this was 201. The top 5 countries of origin of asylum seekers who submitted a repeated asylum application are Afghanistan (29), Iran (22), Syria (21), Iraq (16), and Somalia (15).  

Joining family members

The number of entering persons seeking family reunification in October was 1,207. In September, this was 927. The top 5 countries persons seeking family reunification originate from are Syria (888), Eritrea (75), Yemen (56), Turkey (53), and stateless (39).

Unaccompanied minors

The number of applications for asylum from unaccompanied minor (UAMs) in October was 361. In September, it was 292. The top 5 countries of origin of UAMs are Syria (169), Iraq (64), Yemen (27), Somalia and unknown (both 18), and Eritrea (17).