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Last update: 27 June 2022

Welcome to the Lawyers Portal. In this portal, you can easily and quickly view and submit documents in current asylum cases for your clients.

To get access to the secured environment, you need a lawyer's card from the Dutch Bar (in Dutch: Nederlandse orde van advocaten or NOvA).

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Services Lawyers Portal

The following services are available in the Lawyers Portal:

  • Access to the customer and case data of current asylum cases. This applies to the following:
    • Temporary residence permit asylum
    • Asylum procedure unaccompanied minor foreign nationals (UAMs)
    • Repeat Asylum Application
    • Side influx after appeal to Court General Asylum Procedure
    • Side influx after appeal to Court Extended Asylum Procedure
  • View the status of the asylum case
  • Access to documents of the current asylum case, such as interviews, letters, intentions, decisions
  • Access to cases of family members, this is part of the current asylum case for which you are an authorized representative
  • Submit documents in the case
    • Corrections and additions
    • Viewpoints
    • Additional documents, such as a request for postponement and vacation notices

Missing cases and documents

Are you missing current asylum cases in your overview or are documents missing from a specific case? Please send us an email that has at least the following information:

  • V number;
  • The documents that are missing.

All documents are carefully linked to your account based on your BAR number. Do you see a case or document that is not for you or your client? Please send us an email.

Reporting technical issues Lawyers Portal through email only

Are you unable to access the portal or are you experiencing other technical difficulties after login? And you are sure this is not caused by your Internet provider? Please send us an email that has at least the following information:

  • Screenshot of the error;
  • The date that you experienced the error or malfunction, including the exact time(s);
  • Short description of the technical issue.

Upon receipt, your email will be processed and, if necessary, forwarded to our IT-experts.