Last update: 23 May 2024

The IND can place a sticker in a passport or another travel document. The sticker shows that the person is (temporarily) lawfully in the Netherlands. Find out which types of stickers the IND issues, how they look and how to know whether a sticker is genuine.

Types of stickers

The IND issues these types of stickers  (model 2023, model 2014 and model 2003):

  • general residence endorsement
  • residence endorsement for continuation processes 
  • residence endorsement for Community nationals
  • visa for re-entry to the Netherlands
  • conditional entry
  • residence endorsements subject to supervision
  • residence endorsement for interim measures
  • certificate of registration for EU citizens
  • residence endorsements temporary protection (Ukraine)

Examples stickers model 2023, model 2014 and model 2003

This is an example of a sticker model 2023:

Sticker model 2023

This is an example of a sticker model 2014 :

model 2014 Sticker

This is an example of a sticker model 2003:

sticker model 2003

Sticker on a separate insert sheet

The IND sometimes places the sticker on a separate insert sheet, for example if the sticker cannot be placed in the travel document.

Authenticity features (model 2014)

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Authenticity features (model 2003)

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  • Embossment

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  • Kinegram

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  • Microtext

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