Reporting confidential information or fraud

​Enforcement by the IND focusses on actions against fraud, abuse of migration procedures and migration crime. To tackles these issues the IND works together with other organisations, such as municipalities, Police, Royal Military Police, Chamber of Commerce (KvK), Belastingdienst (tax office), UWV, SvB and Labour Inspection.

​When is something possibly fraud, abuse or a migration crime?

Examples for fraud, abuse and migration crime:

  • Engaging in a fake marriage or relationship.
  • Use false or fake documents, among which identity documents (eg. passport).
  • Fraud with financial means, eg. abuse of PGB, feigned employment, etc.
  • Labour exploitation or human trafficking.


When the IND establishes that a foreign national or a (recognised) sponsor has committed abuse or fraud, the IND can take measures. For example, refuse a residence permit or Dutch citizenship, or revoke a residence permit that has already been issued. The IND also files a report to the police when a criminal offence is established. Criminal offences include fraud, forgery of documents, stating you are someone else, among others.

The IND may also give administration fines and may claim costs made by the IND (and possibly other public organisations) for the return of a foreign national.

Would you like to report a possible case of fraud, abuse or other confidential information? You can use the form below.

Would you rather first call? You can call the Enforcement Information Exchange (HIK) on number +31 (0)88 043 6663.

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