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Report fraud, abuse or confidential information

Would you like to report fraud or abuse? Or would you like to pass on other confidential information to us? Please fill in the form to report fraud at the bottom of this page.

Would you like us to handle your report as a matter of urgency? Please call us on 088 043 6663.

When can you report something?

You can only report confidential information or fraud about:

  • Someone who is already in the Netherlands.
  • Someone who is planning to come to the Netherlands.
  • A company in the Netherlands.

Is the person or company in another country? Please contact the authorities in that country. 
Some reports cannot be handled by the IND. In the following cases, we will not handle your report. Click on the link to submit your report to the correct organisation:

More information

Fraud and enforcement at the IND

Details about the mention