The right to make audio recordings

As a client of IND you are entitled to make audio recordings of your conversation with an IND staff member.

This applies to both face-to-face contacts and to telephone conversations.

Rules that apply to taping audio sources
IND has set the following rules for making audio recordings.

  • You will make it clear in advance that you intend to make audio recordings.
  • IND will allow you to tape audio sources, unless there are compelling reasons not to do so. In that case, IND will offer an alternative.
  • You will provide IND with a copy of the recording if the IND requests this.
  • There will be no cutting or pasting in sound recordings. This applies to both IND and yourself.
  • Sound recordings will not be provided to third parties or published without approval of the other party. This applies to both IND and yourself.
No permission to make audio recordings
Did you not get permission to make audio recordings? In that case you can ask the staff member for an explanation. If you do not agree with the explanation, you can file a complaint at the relevant IND site.

No right to make image recordings
It is never allowed to make image recordings of a conversation with an IND staff member.

The IND reserves the right to make a simultaneous audio recording of the conversation.

Manner of submitting a request to make an audio recording

If you want to make an audio recording of a discussion at the IND, you must make this known in the following manner:

• Asylum interview: you must contact the scheduling office of the AC where the interview will take place.

  Contact details are stated in the invitation letter you have received.

• Discussion with the official committee in objection cases: you must inform the chair to this effect before the
   hearing of the official committee starts.

• Discussion at an IND desk: you must inform the desk assistant to this effect prior to the discussion.

• Telephone discussion: at the time you have an assistant on the phone, you must inform him or her that you
   intend to record the discussion that will follow.