Closing days

The IND is closed on the following days:

  • Easter Monday: Monday 2 April 2018
  • King's Day: Friday 27 April 2018
  • Ascension Day: Thursday 10 May 2018
  • Whit Monday: Monday 21 May 2018
  • Christmas Day and Boxing Day: Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 December 2018


How to contact us


​Call 088 043 0430 (you pay the normal fee). From abroad you call +31 88 043 0430.

The IND can be reached by telephone from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Please, check our frequently asked questions first.

Call the IND
IND Desks and offices

​The IND has IND Desks and offices in different locations. Click on The locations for addresses and opening hours.

Application forms are not printed by employees of the IND Desks. Don't have a printer? Ask family or friends to print the form for you. Or go to the library.

The locations
Make an appointment

​When you want to visit an IND Desk, you have to make an appointment online for a number of products and services.

Make an appointment

​Follow our Twitter account @IND_NL. You can also ask general information questions on @IND_NL.


​General information questions can be asked by e-mail via the contact form. Would you like to know the status of your application? You need to call the IND. It does not help to call the IND to ask the status of your application if the statutory or reasonable decision period has not yet passed.

Contact form

​The IND has different addresses where you can send your post.

Post addresses

​The IND has several fax numbers. You can use these to fax documents that should be added to your application.

Send a fax
Presentation at location

The IND gives group presentations and participates in social gatherings.

Group presentations may be about application procedures and policies, but also about the work of the IND in general or the role of the IND in the refugee crisis.

Information on presentations
Complaint about service or processing time

​Do you have a complaint about the IND? You can make your complaint by telephone on  +31 (0)88 043 0470. Would you rather write down your complaint? Please, fill out the complaint form.

Make a complaint
IND is late with the decision

​Has the statutory decision term of your application passed? You can inform the IND by sending a notice of default.

Send a notice of default
Report confidential information or fraud

​Would you like to pass on confidential information about yourself or others? Or do you want to report a suspicion of fraud? To do this, please use the fraud signalling form.

Would you rather first call? You can call the Enforcement Information Exchange (HIK) of the IND on number +31 (0)88 043 6663.

Report confidentional information or fraud
Report a integrity case

​Do you suspect that a staff member of the IND is not acting honestly and reliably? You can report this to the Integrity Office of the IND.

Report dishonest or unreliable actions of an IND employee
The right to make audio recordings As a client of IND you are entitled to make audio recordings of your conversation with an IND staff member.


Question and answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question? You can also check our list of frequently asked questions.

Telephone scams

The IND has received signals that scammers are pretending to be IND staff members. These scammers try to have you transfer money to their account. They are calling with a visible 088-number. The IND also uses 088-numbers, however these are never visible. If you are confronted with this scam, please report it directly to the IND. Call 088 04 30470 or email

Status of the application

​Would you like to know the status of your application? Every application has a statutory or reasonable decision period. The IND can use this whole period to make a decision on your application.

Has the statutory or reasonable decision period of your application not yet expired? Then your application is still under consideration. We can not give you further information.


​Are you a journalist or other representative of the media? You can direct your questions to the spokespersons of the Ministry of Justice and Security.

Information for the media