Asylum processing times

Last update: 4 January 2023

You want to know how long your asylum process in the Netherlands will take. This page shows the average processing times of first asylum applications in the past. Processing time is the time between the date you applied for asylum and IND’s decision date. You can use these processing times to estimate how long your asylum process can take.

Processing times vary per asylum track

The processing time depends on the asylum track. An asylum track is the type of asylum process the asylum seeker is going to follow. The asylum track is mainly determined by the asylum seeker’s details at the start of the asylum process. Each asylum track has its own steps in the process. That is why the processing times are different for each track.

Tables processing times

The following tables show you what the processing times for each asylum track were during 2022. And what percentage of the decisions were taken within the decision period. The decision period is the by law determined maximum amount of time the IND has to decide.

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  • Asylum track 1

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  • Asylum track 2

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  • Asylum track 4

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Calculation of processing times

The processing times of the asylum tracks as you have seen in the 2022 tables, are an average of the figures of the last 4 months. We explain this with an example: 

The processing time for track 2 in February is 10 weeks and the number of decisions taken in time is 98%. This means that from November 2021 to February 2022, this asylum procedure took on average 10 weeks. And that during those months the IND decided for 98% of the asylum applications within the given decision period.