Afghanistan: asylum for Afghans transferred to the Netherlands

Last update: 23 May 2022

Afghans who have been transferred to the Netherlands, follow a shorter asylum application process. The IND usually decides on these applications within a few weeks after arrival in the Netherlands. 

Afghans who were not transferred by the Dutch government

Are you an Afghan, but have you not been transferred by the Netherlands? And do you want to apply for asylum? In most cases, you will follow the normal  asylum application process. This depends on your personal situation. You will receive information about this when you apply for asylum. 

The asylum process for transferred Afghans

Pre-registration by the IND

This means that the IND registers the names and place of residence of every Afghan.


IND staff will do a short screening (investigation) on public order and national security. 

Identification and registration

The police (AVIM) takes care of identification and registration. This means that AVIM: 

  • takes photos and fingerprints;
  • ensures that transferees sign an official asylum application; 
  • checks documents that transferees brought with them.


Employees of the Dutch Council for Refugees (VWN) will provide information about the asylum process.

Legal aid

Lawyers are available to help Afghan transferees prepare for the interview with the IND. This happens before the application process starts.


The IND will interview the Afghan transferee with the help of an independent interpreter. The transferees can tell their story and the IND will ask questions about it. 


If no further investigation is necessary, then the IND will decide on the application. Are there any indications of 1F (war crimes) or a danger to national security? Then the IND will need more time to investigate.

Residence permit

Does the person receive a positive decision, then the transferee will get a temporary asylum residence permit (valid for 5 years). 

Questions on the process for transferred Afghans

Do you have any questions on the asylum application process for transferred Afghans? Mail you questions to