Judith: 'Everyone at the IND was friendly'

Judith, whose husband came to the Netherlands.

"My partner got his residence permit for the Netherlands this year. We are definitely satisfied with the way this is arranged in the Netherlands. Everyone at the IND was friendly, and it was completely clear to us what the conditions were for his application. My partner is from South Africa and it was not always easy to get the necessary documents from that country.

We have, for example, waited a long time to get the declaration of unmarried status. Or the Apostille that we needed, and a document also went missing. The IND kept telling us, that without these documents they could not help us. Understandably, but still a difficult situation for us. As, in the meantime, I got pregnant. And, my partner, still without a residence permit, could each time only be in the Netherlands for a maximum period of 90 days. And then he had to remain in South Africa again for 90 days.

I suffered heavy pregnancy complications. Also when our child was born, I still needed much care, but my husband could not be here. It was a horrible time, and to this day I still regret that the IND could not take our personal situation more into account.

At one time, I became so ill that I had to live with my parents. My husband, meanwhile, was at home feeling useless, while he was so desperately needed here. At those times you think: it is not fair: someone from the US can just stay here while he waits for his residence permit, but only because my partner is from South Africa, nothing can be done for us.

I do have to say that once all the paperwork was complete, including all the necessary stamps, and a statement from a physician about my medical situation, the residence permit was quickly issued.
I believe that my partner was here only three weeks later. We were off course delighted by this."